Milwaukee Repertory Theater’s Hip Hop Lead Project

Through the power of music, youth from the Amani Neighborhood and the surrounding area gathered to create poetry, beats, and lyrics on the topic of lead. Local musician and producer, Q the Sun, as well as multiple teaching artists assisted the youth in creating four, one-minute PSA like music videos that are ready to take on lead and the systemic racism at its roots. Created in partnership with ImagineMKE, COA Youth and Family Centers, and Amani United. Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual.

Additional videos can be found on our YouTube page.

On January 28th, the BlueGreen Alliance, Milwaukee Water Commons, the Coalition on Lead Emergency (COLE), the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 75 (UA), WRTP Big Step, Milwaukee Area Labor Council, and Milwaukee Water Works held a virtual roundtable discussion on what will be needed to facilitate the development of a diverse and local workforce capable of replacing lead service lines in the City of Milwaukee. Watch the roundtable here.

COLE member Deanna Branch speaks with Vice-President Kamala Harris on the impacts of lead poisoning in Milwaukee.

Too many moms are going through the same thing that I went through. And too many little boys and girls are going through (what my son) went through.”
– Newsweek, 1/24/2022

View here for CBS News’ full coverage of Harris’ infrastructure press conference

Milwaukee Common Council adopts 2020 budget, leaves in place reduction in police force
“A sweeping amendment included $240,000 for the Birthing Moms pilot program, which would provide lead education kits to new mothers immediately after birth.”
WDJT CBS 58, 11/8/2019 [PDF]

Prayer vigil highlights lead issue in Milwaukee, and what can be done to help
MICAH & COLE “is asking the city to include $240,000 in the 2020 budget for a program called, ‘Birthing Moms Pilot Project.’ This would provide a lead-free kit to every new mom and would include a water filter pitcher and instructions on how to raise lead-free kids.”
WDJT CBS 58, 10/30/2019 [PDF]

Lead-free activists win pledge from local politicians to support $240,000 to provide free lead education kits to new moms
“Members of the coalition got pledges of support for the program from Aldermen Ashanti Hamilton, Kalan Haywood II, Russell Stamper, Jose Perez, Nicholas Kovac, Mark Borkowski and Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/27/2019 [PDF]

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