“Milwaukee has the largest lead threat in the state…”

WPR, 10/2/19

Environmental lead most directly impacts the development of children under six years of age. It comes in many forms, but the three most common are PAINT, SOIL, and WATER.

The following page is not meant to be an exhaustive list of resources, rather a useful one.

The Milwaukee Health Department in collaboration with Sixteenth Street Health and the Social Development Commission have worked together to create tools for use around the home.

Hunger Task Force

Hunger Task Force’s “Well Fed Means Less Lead” Campaign created a comprehensive brochure on Paint, Water, and Soil. (above).

Available in: [Arabic] [English] [Hakha Chin] [Hmong] [Karen]
[Karenni] [Malay] [Somali] [Spanish] [Urdu]

For Further Consideration

Dr. Bruce Lanphere is a scientist and expert on fetal and childhood exposure to lead. His website, Little Things Matter, contains several useful videos for understanding and preventing neurotoxins such as lead.